Curried Couscous Recipe

Curried Couscous, is a Non African staple food which is very easy to cook and takes very less time to prepare.

Curried Couscous Recipe

Couscous are small granules of semolina and a very popular North African staple food. Curried Couscous, a healthy and filling food is very easy to cook and takes very less time to prepare. This dish is a combination of cooked vegetables and is mixed with steaming hot couscous.Serve Curried Couscous with Watermelon Carrot Radish juice for a healthy breakfast.If you like this recipe, you can also try Broken wheat and mixed millet upmaand Quinoa and Vegetable Saute.


CourseWorld Breakfast
DietHigh Protein Vegetarian

Time & Servings

Prep Time 10 min
Cooking Time 20 min
Total Time 30 min
Servings The recipe yields 2 Servings

Ingredients you need to prepare Curried Couscous

How to make Curried Couscous

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