Idli Tikka Recipe With Sambar

Here is something you can make for your next party - the eye-catching recipe of Idli Tikka arranged on dessert bowls and poured with sambar on top and served with chutney to dunk is absolutely delicious.

Idli Tikka Recipe With Sambar

Idli Tikka Recipe was innovated when I wanted to serve idli in a different style to my kids. To the kids who love eye-appetizing recipes and a bit skeptic towards the traditional recipes, it is actually a lot easier to stuff all the good stuff, by a recipe like this one. This extraordinary and eye-catching recipe of Idli Tikka is arranged on the dessert bowls and poured with sambar on top. I have given you the recipe of tomato & vegetable sambar as well.Serve Idli Tikka Recipe alongside a bowl of runny South Indian Coconut Chutney and Peanut Chutney Powder Recipe for dinner or for a Sunday brunch to spice up your weekend with family.If you like this recipe, try more recipes likeMini Idli Upma Recipe (Steamed Rice Cake Stir Fry)Carrot & Cheese Filled Idli RecipeTadkewali Idli Recipe


CourseIndian Breakfast

Time & Servings

Prep Time 20 min
Cooking Time 30 min
Total Time 50 min
Servings The recipe yields 2 Servings

Ingredients you need to prepare Idli Tikka With Sambar

How to make Idli Tikka With Sambar

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