Mushroom Tikka Masala Dry Recipe

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Mushroom Tikka Masala Dry Recipe

Mushroom Tikka Masala Dry Recipe, a perfectly roasted chunks of marinated mushrooms, bell pepper and onions in a fragrant and spicy yogurt based gravy. Skillful to make and a crowd pleaser for sure. The gravy has a twist in the usual tikka masala gravy that we make.Instead of tomatoes we have made the gravy with just yogurt and besan to give a more rich texture to the dish. The dish has the same set of spice powders used to create the quintessential flavors of tikka masala that we all love to eat.Serve the Mushroom Tikka Masala Dry Recipe along with with Pudina Tawa Paratha or Butter Garlic Naan Recipe and Bharma Baingan Aur Pyaz Ki Sabzi Recipe (Spicy Stuffed Brinjals With Onions).If you are looking for more Mushroom Recipes, here are some :Creamy Cheese Mushroom Bruschetta RecipeGrilled Mushroom Sandwich Recipe With HerbsBaked Stuffed Mushrooms With Cheese Recipe


CuisineNorth Indian Recipes
DietHigh Protein Vegetarian

Time & Servings

Prep Time 5 min
Cooking Time 30 min
Total Time 35 min
Servings The recipe yields 4 Servings

Ingredients you need to prepare Mushroom Tikka Masala Dry

How to make Mushroom Tikka Masala Dry

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